Abstract Submission

General Guidelines

  • Abstract submission is OPEN NOW.
  • Abstract submission closes on September 30th 2022
  • Abstracts are to be submitted for 3 categories - Award Paper, Free Paper and e-Poster.
  • Award papers are open only for junior residents & Young doctors less than 35 years of age (age-proof mandatory).
  • Free papers and E-posters are open to all delegates.
  • Presenting author can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts for consideration
  • Decision of abstract evaluation will be communicated by e-mail to the submitting (presenting) author by 7th October 2022

Submission category

  • Award paper
  • Free paper
  • e-Poster

Abstract type

  • Case report/series
  • Original research

Submission topics

Abstracts are invited in any area related to the DIABETIC FOOT COMPLICATIONS


  1. All abstracts must be submitted in English- Times New Roman, with a font size of 12 and double spacing.
  2. To ensure blinded review no identifying features such as names of hospitals, medical colleges, clinics or places may be listed in the title or text of the abstract
  3. Do not include the names of authors and their affiliations in the abstract body. There will be provision of entering author details and their affiliation(s) in the submission platform.
  4. Title should be written in capital letters and should be brief and self-explanatory.
  5. Avoid abbreviations in the title.
  6. Word limit of the abstract is 250 words. (Ensure exclusion of title, authors, their affiliations etc.)
  7. Structure of the abstract for original study should be:
    • Background
    • Aims and objectives
    • Materials and Methods
    • Results, limitations and conclusions.
  8. Structure of the abstract for case reports and case series should be:
    • Introduction
    • Case report/series
    • Discussion
  9. Please ensure that the abstract contains original matter neither published, nor presented elsewhere prior in print or electronic media
  10. Refrain from using keywords, graphs, figures, tables or references in the abstract.
  11. Avoid trademark or copyright symbols in abstract.
  12. Conflict of interest statement and declaration of conflict is mandatory
  13. Use generic names of drugs or its active pharmacological content, avoiding commercial names of drugs/companies.
  14. Limit the use of abbreviations and acronyms in the abstract.
  15. Abstracts may be reproduced as such, therefore onus of ensuring proper language, factual accuracy & responsibility of avoiding plagiarism lies with the authors.
  16. Non-adherence to any guideline can result in automatic rejection of abstract without any communication
  17. Once uploaded successfully, you will get a communication acknowledgement.
  18. Please check the conference website from time to time for all updates.

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